Thursday, May 18, 2017

Google I/O 2017: A minute summary

Here are some very short summary about Google I/O 2017, which streamed last night. I also gave link to every important updates with relevant articles.
  • If we look back to the previous I/Os, main jargon on the keynote was "Mobile-first". Since it's never been enough to be the first, now Google moving from Mobile-first to AI (Artificial Intelegence)-first. In the products update, we found a lot of AI jargon. And all those Google's AI related are published on
  • Google Lens. We can use our camera to give us information based on visual. It can recognized what is the name of building and where is it, using image.
  • A lot more product also has updates mostly on AI aspect. Like how Google Assistant and Google Home can understand our voice command better, more conversational with lesser error rate. And yes, Google Assistant now available on iOs. Beware, Siri!
  • On Google photos, we will have new sharing suggestion and sharing library that will make sharing a lot more easier. And using Photo Book, users in US can purchase printed photo directly from the app.
  • Youtube is also has interesting updates like Super Chat that enable creator to earn more money and more engage with the fans while doing live stream. Beside, it’s 360 video experience is also coming to large screen app.
  • With several updates from Android, one thing that i remember most is that now support Kotlin programming language. I don’t know specifically how it will affect the way developer build app, but it should be easier.
  • Android Go is a good news for it’s next billion users. This is the new version of ultra-low-budget Android device for emerging markets (Indonesia, India, Brazil), with much better storage and data saving optimization. I’m ready to buy, since my Android One (Android Go’s predecessor) already broken.
  • Google for Job is now avaliable in the US. Finally Google take care of it’s. Because I think searching jobs on the Google Search wasn’t very helpful right now.
  • Another update also come from Tango with it’s Visual Positioning Service (VPS) and Expedition with it’s new AR capability.

That’s it!

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